Living Room Refresh [Irving Texas Interior Designer]

By now if you have scrolled through my work on Instagram, or perused my website, you know I LOVE a crisp clean white room.  My home is no exception!  I recently gave my living and formal dining room a refresh and took the walls from a dark shade of gray to a stunning white.  I have big gorgeous windows in those rooms, so with the natural light streaming in, the white really brightened the whole space. 


See how much brighter it looks?! 

One of the best parts of having both a neutral wall color and furniture is how often you can play with colorful accessories and accent pieces.  You know I love adding a playful pink, but any time I'm in the mood for a color change I can simply change some accessories, coffee table books or even artwork on the walls.  It gives me the flexibility to update my home and feel of each room without changing the furniture, lighting and wall color which are usually the larger expenses in a space.


Look at how different the dining room looks.  Just by changing out the wall color it changes the style completely. 



Here's a side by side comparison for you to see.  Enjoy! 

Erika Iannarielo